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Root canals have received a “bad wrap” through the years. Dr. Kim has built a reputation of providing root canal treatment in an efficient, pain free way. Among other advanced techniques and instruments utilized by our group, surgical loupes with fibre optic illumination, and the surgical operating microscope have opened up entirely new vistas for the treatment of endodontics. Due to the enhanced illumination and high magnification optics, calcified canals can be optimally located. Additionally, retreatment of endodontic cases that have failed due to separated instruments, separated posts, and repair of perforations can now be managed with greater efficiency and success. These cases, in the past, could be managed only by surgical approaches that had a lower success rate.

Dr. Daniel Kim


Daniel Kim D.D.S. has been practicing dentistry in the field of endodontics (root canals) since 2006 when he successfully completed his residency program at UCLA. Upon entering this specialized field, Dr. Kim worked with several offices bringing convenience and flexibility of having endodontics in the same facility as the general dentist. In 2008, Dr. Kim relocated to Northern California and became an integral part of RC Dental Group.

All endodontic treatment Dr. Kim performs is using an endodontic Microscope. The incorporation of the dental microscope has made unprecedented advances in endodontics. Today, thanks to the dental microscope, Dr. Kim can work with maximum precision and safety, making results more predictable and more successful treatment. The result is high precision work, noted for their workmanship and perfect finish.

Dr. Kim’s treatment approach has been and continues to be kind and compassionate. His goal is to put his patients at ease and provide a different experience than what is typically expected when you hear the word “root canal”. This stems from a negative dental experience of his own. Since then, it has been part of his mission to provide care in a positive environment as efficiently and pain free as possible while providing excellent results.

Dr. Kim, his wife and three daughters are actively involved in their church and community. Additionally, Mrs. Kim has established a non-profit organization aiding pastoral families in foreign countries. It is the heart and compassion of this family that we are aspiring as an office to follow as a module for our group.

Post-Op Recommendations

After your root canal treatment it will take time to repair the irritated and inflamed tissues that support your tooth in the jawbone. Your tooth will be tender to biting for the first few weeks and you may notice a difference in biting for even a few months. In order to reduce the inflammatory response and speed up the healing process, please follow the medication instructions listed in your post op instructions you received the day of treatment.

Avoid chewing on the tooth until the tenderness is gone. Especially avoid chewing on hard food prior to permanent restoration as the tooth structure is unstable and may lead to tooth fracture and loss of the tooth.

Your jaw muscles will be sore from keeping your mouth open and the anesthetic injection site may also be sore. The clamp used around your tooth to secure the rubber dam may also cause an irritation to the gum tissue for a few days. If swelling develops or pain increases, please contact our office.

Be sure to follow up with your general dentist for final restoration as Dr. Kim recommended the day of your treatment. Please do not hesitate to call us should you have any questions or concerns!

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